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The website of contemporary portrait and figuartive Artist; Oliver Winconek

Commissioning a portrait -
Initially, it helps if the person commissioning the portrait has at least a rough idea of how they would like the eventual outcome to look. Knowing an approximate size as well as whether it is to be a full figure, head and shoulders or full-face portrait is always helpful to me and gives an idea of where to start.
I work to any size and format and often the work can be tailored around an individual's needs or budget.
I am equally happy working from either life or good quality photographs - these can either be provided by yourself or taken by myself depending on everyone's individual situation.
If working from life I can either arrange a space in my studio or I am happy to travel to the sitters' house or another venue of their choosing.

How much does it cost?
The price of a commissioned portrait painting varies depending on the size and complexity of the portrait and materials used. There will always be a premium for having multiple sitters in the one painting/drawing. If working from life or requiring a photoshoot then the cost of travel will have to be factored in. No two commissioned portraits are the same so please get in touch with your requirements and I will provide you with a tailored quote to meet your needs.
To give an example a small head and shoulders oil portrait from a good quality photo starts at £495 and increases for a larger painting. For a larger head, shoulders and torso painting the price is typically £1500-3500 depending on the size and complexity of the image.
Full figure, life-sized paintings start at £4000. Family or group portraits can be completed and price details are available on request. I am happy to accommodate and discuss all budgets as everything is scaleable.

Can you work from a photo that I provide?
Absolutely! A large amount of the paintings and drawings I complete are from photos provided by the client, for various reasons it is often necessary to work from a photo that I haven't taken myself. Either for a surprise gift, the subject may be either too busy for a photoshoot or their location too far away or they may be deceased, for whatever reason, I am happy to look at the photos you have available and give advice and guidance on what is possible. Where the budget allows

Do I have to sit still?
Typically I find the best way for me to complete a Portrait commission is to meet with the sitter, complete a series of quick sketches and take a series of photographs and then work on the final painting in my studio space.
If I am working from life then being as still as possible is very helpful and assists in getting a good likeness however I do encourage regular breaks for the sitter and you're more than welcome to wear headphones to listen to music or audiobooks. If I'm working from photos then, of course, this is not an issue.

Do you paint families, couples, groups and pets?
Yes definitely, I am very happy to paint families, couples or groups of people but naturally as this involves painting more people and their likenesses then the cost will increase. I'm very happy to include family pets within a couples/family portrait.

How do we make a start?
The best way is to contact me via my contact page and start to give me an idea of what you would like, we can then have a discussion to run through all of the options and if easier arrange a time to talk on the phone to arrange the commission.


I look forward to hearing from you,


Oliver Winconek

Examples of previously completed portrait commissions painted in oils from either life or photographs.

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