The website of contemporary portrait and figuartive Artist; Oliver Winconek
The website of contemporary portrait and figuartive Artist; Oliver Winconek

Oliver Winconek was born in Bedford, England. Having chosen to not go down the route of formal Art education; he is primarily self taught. His work is always based around people, cities or a combination of both. Over the years Oliver’s work has continuously evolved ranging from bold, graphical cityscapes, pen and ink drawings and Oil painted portraits. He prefers to let his working style be semi dictated by the subject matter that he is portraying, this allows him to have an organic method towards his work that keeps things interesting for both the Artist and the viewer.
Oliver has exhibited all over the world including the Saatchi gallery and his work is held in many private collections.

‘I am fascinated by people and the everyday, those situations and moments that we all encounter on a frequent basis that often hold no obvious significance or resonance. The fleeting  happenings that we take for granted are those that I like to use as a subject matter. I love experimenting with colour and pushing the boundaries of an image to increase interest.
I now work pretty solidly in Oil, creating both portrait and figurative work as well as cityscapes that reflect the charging buzz that you only get from a massive group of strangers inhabiting the same outdoor space or building.
My daily inspiration comes from people I meet and the scenes that I discover, I find it very satisfying documenting elements of the world and the people within it via the medium of paint.’

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